As a partner of BP2MI, ASPATAKI explains the exemption of the PMI placement fee in front of dozens of reporters.

Hong Kong - After a business meeting held on 31 July 2023 by agency associations in the Indonesian Consulate, joined by Indonesian Ministry of Labour DrH Ida Fauziyah MSi; today on 2nd August 2023, ASPATAKI explains the exemption of PMI placement fee in front of 60 TV, print, and online media reporters.

Saiful, as the chairman of ASPATAKI, informally met with Labour Department officials for approximately 1.5 hours, exchanging thoughts and ideas about said subject.

In his speech, Saiful Mashud, along with ASPTAKI secretary general, Fillies Yandono, talked about this exemption as established by Perban No 09 Year 2020 and Kepka No 260 Year 2022, stating that all placement fee, including P3MI fee, are burned by employers, in a grand total of 1 month wage.

A question was raised by a reporter, “what happens if employer refuses to pay said fee?” Saiful easily explained that Indonesian PMI have the competency and character compatible with Hong Kong employers , even since 1980. And if potential employers are doubtful about said amount, they are welcome to inquire to the Hong Kong Labour Department.

“If there is a PMI terminated within a month, what are the guarantees given to the employer, having paid for the total placement fee for said PMI?” asked another reporter.

Saiful thus explains to refer to the rules established in Hong Kong.

As publicly known, ASPATAKI carries out its business trip to solve the lingering problems of PMI placement in Hong Kong, and to ensure the Perban No 9 Year 2020 and Kepka No 260 Year 2022 are obeyed, the Hong Kong government has accepted as such.

Thus, ASPTAKI will formally report its findings to the Indonesian Minister of Manpower and the chairman of BP2MI, ensuring that its members carry out Kepka No 260 Year 2022, as explained by Saiful.l.


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