Indonesia-Malaysia MoU Signed, What About Taiwan and UAE?


Saiful, Chairman of Aspataki

Jakarta - The long wait has finally paid off, MoU for the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI), which has been hampered several times, is signed on Monday, April 1st, 2022. So in the future, the protection for PMIs will be better?  Hopefully.

Saiful, Chairman of Aspataki, and all his members respect both Governments of Indonesia and Malaysia who have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to protect PMI, especially domestic workers, said Saiful.

The management of PMI's placement and protection through  one-channel scheme will bring ease and convenient to stakeholders such as Indonesian Recruitment Agencies (P3MI) and partners in Malaysia, as complete package, therefore together we must support, without exception.  Aspataki enforced its members to follow the orders of the two countries in regards to the one-channel system, said Saiful.

Bilateral Meeting Indonesia Taiwan

Saiful asked the authority in charge in Jakarta to immediately resume the bilateral meeting with Taiwan. Taiwan is still the destination country's "prima donna" for Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMIs), reasons none other than salary renumeration and guaranteed protection of overseas workers there, said Saiful.

The irregular services at Taiwan Economic and Trade office in Jakarta, may due to the confusion, misunderstanding, created as result of what is considered as neglectful attitude towards the above facts by authority in charge in Jakarta. Since April 2021 last year, the discussion on the Placement Cost's Waiver for Indonesian Migran Worker (PMI), has not yet finalized by both Indonesian and Taiwan Governments, hence, created stagnation on the processing and deployment of PMIs, "difficult situation," said Saiful.

President Joko Widodo Street

Third, Indonesian government must immediately conclude MoU with United Arab Emirates (UAE), apart from UAE being a rich country, the people there abide to rules and regulations there, for example "when our car (31/3/2022) was involved in an accident there, the two drivers were gently arguing about whose fault is that, but no sign of big quarrel nor drama at all, said Saiful

A different view witnessed on the plane carrying the Aspataki group from Jakarta Abu Dhabi, more than 60% of the passengers are our Migrant Workers who are going to work in Abu Dhabi, how can they be fully protected, if there is no MoU signed and enforced by both Indonesian and UAE governments, asked Saiful

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