Indonesia Malaysia MoU Has Been Signed, Can It Be Implemented?

Christina Aryani, S.E., S.H., M.H

Jakarta - Today (13/4) one hour discussion with member of Commission I RI parliament (DPR), Christina Aryani, S.E., S.H., M.H., as response from Aspataki on the implementation of the Indonesia-Malaysia MoU of the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers on Domestic sector which was signed by the Indonesian Minister of Manpower and the Malaysian Minister of Human Resources, April 1, 2022.

Saiful, Chairman of Aspataki, together with Filius, Secretary General of Aspataki, met for the second time with members of Commission I DPR RI from Golkar, continuing from first meeting with Ministry of Manpower, BP2MI and Indonesian Ambassador on 7 April 2022 in Jakarta, and this time with a zoom meeting, said Saiful.

Saiful said, quite a lot of inputs conveyed, including evaluation on the implementation of the MoU in the next three months, said Saiful.

"Secondly, Saiful regrets that  Government is going too deep into regulating B to B, while the implementation of articles 38, 40 and 41 of Law 18/2017 is not going well, and this will put more burden on the implementation of the Placement and Protection requested so that there are zero problems," said Saiful

Meanwhile, Member of Commission I of DPR RI for South Jakarta constituency (Overseas District) Cristina, thanked Aspataki for the considerable inputs for meeting with other commissions in DPR RI, said Saiful.

Because the scope of Commission I of the DPR RI includes Indonesian Representatives overseas, Saiful promises to convey matters related to the issues happening on the Indonesian Representatives in writing, Saiful promises

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