Malaysia Recruitment Agency are Taking the Profit but Neglecting the Wellfare of the Workers

Saiful, Aspataki Chairman

Jakarta - After an interview by Malaysiakini today, 23 Mar 2022, via telephone, Saiful Mahsud, Aspataki Chairman, expressed his appreciation to the online news agency Malaysiakini for choosing Aspataki to discuss about current hot issues in Malaysia, starting from  recruitment cost of domestic workers, One Channel, to the MoU for Domestic Workers between the Governments of Indonesia and Malaysia.

 The White Hair, Saiful Mahsud, on this occasion, re-explained, as has been conveyed to Malaysiakini, that the protection aspect of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) is the first and foremost above all other aspects, that is said, the same spirit between the two countries, Malaysia and Indonesia, as stated in the MoU, which is planned to be signed in early April 2022. Meanwhile, the One Channel System (OCS), or known in Indonesia as the Sistem Satu Kanal, and in Malaysia as MyOCS, is a system or medium which have been agreed upon by the two countries, which include several interconnected government platforms for the sake of transparency and accountability In the PMI process at the time of pre-recruitment - during work & after returning home.

 "All Aspataki members will not place a single PMI for the Domestic Sector if the protection aspect is not met, even though in business terms, businessmen try to make a profit, but PMI's safety and protection is the first and foremost," said the White Hair. Hence, in regards to B to B, will be discussed after the MoU is signed, said Saiful.

 Saiful also hopes that the Malaysian Recruitment Agency Association should prioritize the protection of workers, not just a matter of profit and loss or the cheap/expensive cost of protecting PMI.

 The media statement that was just released by the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources today, 23 March 2022, after the Malaysian Parliament session, Saiful's understanding that the cost of recruiting future workers "has not been agreed", as for the cost with a total amount of RM7800, stated in the media statement, was the price listed in the previous MoU which had expired 6 years ago.

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