Indonesian Labor Market (ILM) In Abu Dhabi, Aspataki : Thank you

Abu Dhabi - In order to maximize the function of the Indonesian Migrant Worker Placement Company (P3MI), and to further expand employment opportunities for members of Aspataki and Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI), praise God, Aspataki and 8 of its members today, Tuesday, 29 March 2022, were able to attend the ILM Event, held by Indonesian Embassy in Abu Dhabi at Al Turaya Ballroom, Beach Rotana Hotel (next to Abu Dhabi Mall).

Saiful, General Chairperson of Aspataki, together with all members who were present or unable to attend, thanked The Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia for the United Arab Emirates, H.E. Husin Bagis, who attended and gave a speech, along with Alamsyah, Indonesian Labour Attache for United Arab Emirates, and 52 users and agencies who were present at the ILM event today, said Saiful.

In addition to the ILM main event, also witnessed the signing of the MoU ofbusiness cooperation, recruitment, and placement of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) between HR International and PT. Al Wihdah Jaya Sentosa, represented by: Asraf Ali (HR International CEO) and Puji Astuti (President Director PT. Al Wihdah Jaya Sentosa), witnessed by Indonesian Ambassador for The United Arab Emirates.

Success to Indonesia Ministry of Manpower

After the ILM event, Saiful proposed to the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower in Jakarta to facilitate similar events with neighbouring countries concurrently, for example: today in Abu Dhabi, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow in Qatar, then continue to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and so on. Thus, it is expected that more Aspataki members will be able to attend the upcoming ILM Event, said Saiful.

According to timetable, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, Aspataki group will visit several users in Abu Dhabi, whilst using available free time to visit several tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi until April 1, 2022, return to Jakarta, said Aspataki Chairman, Saiful.

Saiful really hopes that Abu Dhabi will soon implemented one channel system scheme for Indonesian Migrant Workers placement, because so far, a lot of PMIs have been deployed unprocedurally (illegally) from Indonesia to UAE, said Saiful.

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