Dominating 78% of Migrant Worker Placements to Asia Pacific Region, Aspataki Optimistic to Seize Europe & Middle Eastern Market

Abu Dhabi - Tuesday 29 March 2022 at the Indonesian Labour Meeting (ILM) event organized by the Indonesian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, Al Turaya Ballroom, Beach Rotana Hotel Abu Dhabi, PT Al Wihdah Jaya Sentosa, signed an MoU with CEO HR International.

The signing of the MoU was witnessed by the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), H.E. Husin Bagis, and Alamsyah, Indonesian Labour Attache for UAE, was well as all distinguished guest at the ILM event.

In his brief remarks, the Ambassador welcomes the ILM participants and wishes success to all distinguished guest, said Husen Bagis.

Saiful, the General Chairman of Aspataki, together with eight members who were attended the ILM meeting, along with the rest of 122 Aspataki members, thanked the Indonesian Minister of Manpower and the Indonesian Ambassador in Abu Dhabi, Atnaker and 52 users who were present at today's ILM event, said Saiful.

Meanwhile, Ammi Suparmi, Head of the European and Middle East Division of Aspataki during the ILM was very active in conveying Aspataki's mission to users who visited Aspataki's Desk.

With tons of experiences on placement of formal Indonesian Migrant Workers to Europe, Middle Eastern countries, Asia Pacific regions, USA and Canada, it is believed that Aspataki will not only dominates 78% of Asia Pacific Indonesian workers' placement, but will soon seize European and Middle Eastern markets, said Saiful.

After the ILM event, Saiful proposed to the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower to facilitate similar events with neighbouring countries concurrently, for example today ILM event in Abu Dhabi, next day or day after tomorrow ILM even in Qatar, continue on to Kuwait, then Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and so on. Thus, more Aspataki members will attend the upcoming ILM event, said Saiful.

Aspataki group will visit several users in Abu Dhabi and on their free time visit few popular destinations in Abu Dhabi until April 1, 2022, then return to Jakarta, said Chairman of Aspataki, Saiful.

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