Indonesian Migrant Placement Discussion Over Dinner at Official Residence of Indonesian Ambassador for UAE, Aspataki : Utmost Salute and Respect to H.E. Husin Bagis

Saiful, the General Chairman of Aspataki at the official residence of Indonesian Ambassador for UAE, H.E. Husin Bagis

Abu Dhabi - evening (30/3) all Indonesian Labor Market (ILM) participants in Abu Dhahi, especially Indonesian Recruitment Agencies (P3MI) entrepreneurs, were invited to the official residence of Indonesian Ambassador for UAE, H.E. Husin Bagis, accompanied by, Alamsyah, Indonesian Labour Attache (Atnaker) of the Indonesian Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

The special menu is prepared by the Embassy's household protocol, not to mention Middle Eastern cuisine.

During dinner time, Saiful, the General Chairman of Aspataki, Indonesian Recruitment Association, expressed his gratitude on the success of ILM event (29/3) and for the extraordinarily delicious dinner, said Saiful.

Before dinner started there were informal discussion between His Excellency and Saiful Chairman of Apataki which was very interesting, said Saiful.

His Excellency shared his desire for  both Indonesia and UAE Governments to reach a conclusion and sign the MoU on The Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers before October 2022.

According to the Ambassador, as conveyed by the Director General of Binapenta (Indonesian Ministry of Manpower) in Abu Dhabi, it is strange that Indonesia disagree Visa Conversion regulation in UAE, for example, an Indonesian Taxi Driver in UAE, was offered by his passanger to work as personnal chauffeur with 2x his current salary during conversation inside the taxi, then according to authority in charge in Jakarta, the driver shall not convert his visa thus cannot change employer, said His Excellency.

"Hence according to the UAE Ambassador, the UAE government will convey to any forms of protection to Indonesian workers, the UAE will go with it," said His Excellency imitating a conversation with the Director General of Indonesian Ministry of Manpower during his visit in Abu Dhabi.

In Abu Dhabi, out of all foreign workers from different source countries, the least numbers are from Indonesia, with no MoU between two countries yet, whilst the rest of those sourcing countries do have MoU with UAE.

Meanwhile, Saiful mentioned about his experience flying from Indonesia in Abu Dhabi on (27/3) where in one plane more than 50% of Indonesian migrant workers were suspected of being illegal, said Saiful.

 "I, Saiful, Chairman of Aspataki, are ready to take an oath that the passengers on the Jakarta Abu Dhabi plane have many illegal migrant workers and I made a video while at Abu Dhabi Airport," said Saiful.

At Dubai Mall (31/3)

Their modus operandi at Jakarta's Soekarno Hatta International airport was last minute boarding, they were suspected illegal workers who had just entered the plane on last minute, didn't know where they were waiting prior to boarding the plane, strange, Saiful said.

"Lots of Indonesian wishes to work in Abu Dhabi and other Middle Eastern countries, however, it's a shame that their wishes are not facilitated by authority in Jakarta," said Saiful.

 Seeing how beautiful Abu Dhabi is, how in order the traffic are in Abu Dhabi, it means that people living in Abu Dhabi are order while on the road and in public places, very neat and nice here, said Saiful.

 Upon arrival in Jakarta, Aspataki will write to Jokowi, who knows will shed some light on how to stop illegal Migrant Workers, human trafficking to the Middle East countries, including UAE, and to officially open placement of Indonesian Workers legally, because the Moratorium does not solve unemployment issues and problems that we are facing, instead it empoweres even more the perpetrators of human trafficking, illegal placement of workers overseas, make them even richer on someone else's suffering.  Our government are powerless to prevent Indonesian citizens to earn their living by working in Abu Dhabi or to other countries, so why not just make them legal instead, said Saiful

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