Aspataki participated in the success of the Indonesian Labor Market Event in Abu Dhabi, 29 March 2022

Indonesian Labor Market

Jakarta - Aspataki is sending 10 representatives to actively participate on Indonesian Labor Market (ILM) Event held by Indonesian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with Indonesian Ministry of Manpower, and other related stakeholders involved, including the warmth welcome from the host, Government of United Arab Emirates.

The ILM Abu Dhabi Event, will be attended by lot's of UAE's Recruitment agencies and Companies, therefore Aspataki team is lead by The Chairman himself, the White-haired, Saiful Mahsud. The event is considered by Saiful as important, to represent and promote all of Aspataki members that consists of 122 Licensed Indonesian Recruitment Agencies with tons of experiences on placement of Indonesian Migran Workers on various sectors and skills. "...actually lot's of our members are very keen to come, but we have to abide to the quota given... I 'll surely inform all members with all opportunities that may arise from this ILM meeting", told Saiful. 

"Look for the white-haired guy..., don't hesitate, come sit with me, let's talk...", said Saiful with warm smile on his face, meaning that he and his team of 10 recruitment companies, are approachable and available before, during, and even after the meeting, so to all UAE's Recruitment Companies and Users are very welcome, hoping that more Indonesian will have more oppportunities to work in UAE.  

"We hope that Indonesian and United Arab Emirates can find a way to reach an agreement to legalized Indonesian Domestic workers to work on UAE", told by a lady in Aspataki delegation that team talk too.

The Following is a few names of Aspataki delegates who were mentioned (partially) to our media crew :

1. Saiful Mashud, SH (Aspataki Chairman, PT. Nayaka Kalyana)

2. Puji Astuti & Antin (PT. Al Wihdah Jaya Sentosa)

3. Lalu Didiek Yuliadi & Abbas Yahya Ali Al Hammadi (PT. Cahaya Lombok)

4. Imas Karina (PT. Bhakti Jaya Persada)

5. Ryca Lusyanawati (PT. Andika Putra Mandiri)

6. Sisilia (Presiden Komisaris PT. Phinisi Sumber daya ) 

7. Ammi Suparmi (PT. Tiaramas Ronagemilang)

The delegation with arrive in Abu Dhabi on 27 March - 1 April 2022.

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