Aspataki Members Will Only Cooperate With Malaysia Workers Agency Registered in One Channel System (MYOCS)


Saiful, Chairman of Aspataki, 

Jakarta - The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on The Employment and Protection of Indonesian Domestic Migrant Workers, which was scheduled to be signed today, March 17th 2022, by both Governments of Indonesia and Malaysia, had to be pushed back to April 1st 2022, the information of which would be attended by the two Heads of State, according to Hermono, the Indonesian Ambassador in Kuala Lumpur to on March 15th, 2022. In response to this, the 'white-haired', Saiful Mashud, Chairman of Aspataki, continues to appreciate the steps taken by the two countries to sincerely and immediately signed this MoU, especially attended by the two Heads of State, namely Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob and President Joko Widodo.

Responding to the news on on March 16th, 2022, regarding input from several Labor Agency Associations in Malaysia, Saiful Mahsud emphasized that Aspataki, whose majority of its members place Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) to Southeast Asia, will only cooperate with the Malaysian Worker Agencies (Agensi Pekerja Malaysia/APS) who are members of the One Channel System (OCS), or what is known as MyOCS there, with the spirit of transparency and accountability, starting from pre-placement, working period, to post-placement of PMI, until they return to their hometown safely, all monitored, also transparent in the B2B scheme, especially in financing. "...only this placement model has been agreed upon by the two countries for the Domestic sector, namely the One Channel System, nothing else, so we must obey and run it," said Saiful .

Also regarding the issue of who is responsible for PMI repatriation, that it is the responsibility of all relevant stakeholders, especially the Employer, and the moral responsibility of the Malaysian Worker Agencies (APS) and Indonesian Migrant Worker Placement Company (P3MI), including the governments of the two countries. All of this can be discussed and solved in the best way possible, said Saiful.

As for feedback to make the One Channel System (OCS) better, it is a must but at this time, there should be no attempt to "halt" the MoU by thwarting the OCS, said Saiful

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