Do Not Blame Malaysia. When We Fail To Eradicate Mafia on Ilegal Placement of Migrant Workers, Do Not Blame Other Nation.

JAKARTA - There is an opinion that if the Indonesia-Malaysia MoU fails to be implemented, means the mafia’s victory in placing Illegal Indonesian migrant workers to Malaysia is once again being repeated.

When the legal process is considerably easier and cheaper, illegal placement to Malaysia will decrease and when the legal process is officially closed means Illegal will increase significantly.

The requirements for opening and closing the destination country for the placement of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) as stated at The Constitution No. 18/2017 are very clearly regulated, the Government's way of protecting Indonesian citizens abroad is also very clear, therefore Indonesia's request of not placing any workers for plantation and construction sectors as long as Malaysia continues to accept Illegals is a quite extreme policy, actually is not regulated inside Constitution No. 18/2017", mentioned Saiful, Chairman of Aspataki.

Have we really got a research, if the placement of Indonesian migrant workers to Malaysia officially opened again and the service processes are simplified then placement of illegals will still be as usual as before?  Asked Saiful.

The failure of Indonesia to prevent ilegal placement of Indonesian migrant workers ro Malaysia must be self-corrected instead of blaming Malaysian side, as stated by Saiful.

Maximize the Human Trafficking Task Force (Satgas TPPO) of BP2MI, Ministry of Manpower, National Police and the TPPO Task Force formed based on Presidential Decree No. 22/2021, said Saiful.

"Close all those exits, close all forests, tgecso called “rat trails”, fence them with barbed wire, if necessary, place bombs so that no one goes out illegally, tighten harbors and airports or give them jobs, so no citizen will want to work abroad. especially by illegal means”, said Saiful.

“We must learn from The Phillipines on how to prevent its citizens for not working abroad illegally “, mentioned Saiful.

"Visa conversion is carried out in many countries and Indonesian regulations respect the policies of other countries, especially Malaysia and Indonesia are close allied, closest neighbor, and share one island in Kalimantan, they have many similarities," said Saiful.

As already known to all, Indonesia will continue to stop the placement of its migrant workers for plantation and construction if Malaysia insists accepting Indonesian migrant workers illegally, even a planned MoU that has been prepared for a long time would be cancelled if illegals are still welcomed to work in Malaysia, said Saiful.

Saiful hopes that in addition to the extreme policies above, there will be moderate policies issued to prevent further victims of sea drowning Indonesian citizens, when official placements are opened again and Indonesia will improve its competence and provide even better services, said Saiful.

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